Are there any goods I am prohibited from moving with Ship Smart?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023
  • For the safety of our team members and all of our customers’ belongings, below is a list of goods we cannot move:
    • Prohibited 
      • 💧Open Liquids (including cleaning supplies)
      • 🥡 Perishable Food
      • 🪴 Live plants
      • 🍷 Alcohol (including beer, wine, liquor)
      • 👃 Goods that emit smells or fumes
      • 💊 Illegal or controlled substances
      • 🐕 Live animals
      • 🔫 Firearms, guns, or ammunition
      • 🔥 Flammable or combustible materials (no gasses, explosives, or asbestos)
      • ☢️ Hazardous materials (radioactive, chemical, or biological wastes)
      • 🏎️Vehicles (boats, cars, riding lawn mowers,)
      • ☠️ Human remains
      • 🐜 Goods that show signs of infestation, or are at a location with signs of infestation (insects, rodents, mold)
      • 🏋️‍♀️Goods our team cannot safely transport (unusually heavy or bulky goods)
      •  ⛵ Model ships
      • 🎹 Grand and baby grand pianos
    • We’ve covered nearly everything above, but if you have a question about your goods, contact us at 💬 LiveChat, ��, 📞1-800-554-5574 Ext 300
    • To keep our facilities clean and our team safe, ShipSmart may leave any location that presents unsafe or unsanitary conditions or notices of eviction or foreclosure.
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