How To Complete The Insurance Section

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Step 7: About Full Coverage Insurance  

  • Insurance coverage is optional. 
  • Completing all of Step 7 is required regardless of deductible option as the item's value influences the packing process and ensures your goods are shipped safely.
  • The insurance cost is determined based on the deductible you select and whether your shipment is domestic or international.
  • Ship Smart has a loss and damage rate below 2%. Still, accidents can happen with any mover, so we offer complete replacement policies. 
  • At a minimum, our standard pack protocol is to bubble-wrap and cardboard-box the furniture items. Then safely banded and secured to shipping pallets. 
  • We offer custom full wood crating options for high-value, fragile, and delicate items. 

Step 7a: Insurance Inventory

  • Get started by adding the items' description, quantity, and value. The insurance inventory will automatically be filled in by clicking add item using the inventory the estimate was based. 
  • To move through the list, Click "Add Item".  
    • Repeat this step until the complete inventory list is added.
  • Take this opportunity to ensure the item's description and quantity are accurately represented in the inventory.

Note: The final cost is based on the actual inventory picked up, packing services, corresponding packed weight, dimensions, insurance, and delivery service level.

Step 7b: Insurance Coverage For Boxes & Like Items

  • To add multiples of the same items (e.g., boxes), include a description of the items, quantity, and the value of a single item. 
    • Example:
      • Description: Medium Boxes
      • Quantity: 10 
      • Value: $100 (per box) 
      • Total Value: $1000
  • Like items should be separated by value, not description. If one box has higher valued items packed inside it than others, list it separately. 

Step 7c: Insurance Inventory Review

  • Review the insurance inventory and Add Items or Edit the inventory if needed. If not, Click "Finished, Show Insurance Options". 

Note: Click Edit or Add Item to update the Insurance Inventory.


Step 7d: Choose Insurance Deductible

  • Select a deductible. 
    • To qualify for insurance, the total declared value of your goods must be greater than $1000.
      • There are four deductibles options:
        • $100.00 Deductible
          • $30.00 cost per $1,000 declared value 
        • $250.00 Deductible
          • $25.00 cost per $1,000 declared value
        • $500.00 Deductible
        • $20.00 cost per $1,000 declared value
  • After selecting a deductible, Click "Next Step".

Step 7f. Insurance Review Terms & Conditions 

  • Review the insurance terms and conditions service level, including additional Ship Smart Terms and Conditions 
  • Enter the name of the insured. This is the person the insurance company would pay in the unlikely event of damage. 
  • ✅Check the insurance Liability Terms and Conditions. 
  • 🖋️ Sign and Click "I Accept."   

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